Applying for a Grant

The Trust welcomes applications from locally-based charities focused on delivering activities in the Edinburgh and Lothian area that help vulnerable and disadvantaged children and young people, and where a grant from the Trust will make a significant difference.

Grants are generally available up to a maximum of £3,000 and are expected to be spent within 12 months of the date on which the grant is given. Only registered charities should apply.

Larger organisations, ones with an annual income exceeding £1.5 million and/or with substantial reserves, are discouraged from applying for a grant from the Trust.

Proposals to the Trust must:

  • be submitted by email to the Trust Secretary on the Trust’s standard application form
  • include the latest annual report and accounts of the organisation
  • provide clear explanations of the proposals and the intended outcomes to be obtained from the grant aid
  • be targeted on activity benefiting children and young people in the Edinburgh and Lothian area
  • be able to demonstrate there will be positive impacts on the lives of disadvantaged, disabled and vulnerable children and young people and/or be designed to provide a general benefit for a defined community or group of young people in the population.


The Trust meets quarterly and in order to be considered at the next meeting applications should be submitted by the following dates: 10 January, 10 April, 10 July and 10 October.

Organisations receiving a grant from the Trust are expected to publicise the financial support received in their Annual Reports and in any literature, publicity, website or social media notices relating to projects and activities supported by the Trust.

Download a full application form.