Applying for a Grant

The Trust has now established a clear set of criteria and conditions for grant-aided organisations.

Proposals to the Trust must:

  • Be submitted by email on the Trust’s standard application form;
  • Be targeted on activity benefiting young people in the Edinburgh and Lothian area;
  • Be able to demonstrate positive impacts on the lives of disadvantaged, disabled and vulnerable young people, and/or,
  • Be designed to provide a general benefit for a defined community or group of young people in the population.

The Trust will prioritise applications for:

  • Projects supporting families and early years provision, and continuing support of young people, whether or not they live in family settings, but not limited to these areas exclusively. Topics of particular importance are seen as health and wellbeing for families and children (to include young carers’ needs and mental health support services);
  • Project proposals which overcome the many 'opportunity gaps' in resources and services which are now more evident as a result of the pandemic and notably adversely affect low-income households. (The Trust’s traditional focus on grant aid to assist young people’s life chances in the fields of homelessness and employment and training support are not abandoned, but will be accorded a lower priority in this period.);
  • New grants for established organisations in the Lothians, where, as a result of the pandemic they require either:
    • additional funds to sustain their operation following an evidenced drop in income from previously (pre COVID) assured sources; or
    • funds to adapt/improve premises for operation during any continuing period of Covid-19 restrictions during the coming year, to cover equipment, cleaning regimes or other adaptations.

The Trust expects applicant organisations to provide:

  • Clear explanations of their proposals and the intended outcomes obtained from grant aid;
  • Financial information (annual accounts or evidence of an established bank account for new groups);
  • A copy of its constitution and OSCR registration details where appropriate;
  • Evidence (where an organisation employs staff or makes use of volunteers) of appropriate equalities policies and statements;
  • A statement of the outcomes of the grant aid supplied within 6 months of the project completion.

Grant Aid from the Trust is expected to be spent within 12 months of the date on which the grant is given.

Organisations benefiting from the Trust's support are expected to publicise the financial support received in their Annual Reports and in any literature, publicity or site notices relating to projects and activities funded by the Trust.

The Trust mainly seeks to support organisations which have limited resources and few assets.

Download a full application form.