What we do

The Trust distributes grant aid to organisations working with young people in the Edinburgh and Lothian area. Its approach is to fund modestly sized projects or contributions to wider programmes and services where direct outcomes for young people can be demonstrated.

The Trustees meet quarterly to review the investment portfolio, assess financial strategy and risk, and to decide the level of grant making which can be afforded throughout the year. Currently around £40,000 is distributed annually, with grants deliberately maintained in the range up to a maximum of £2000. This ensures a wide impact across the Lothian geography, and puts resources into a wide variety of groups.The type of activity supported is seen in the 'Our Grants in Action' section of this website.

Recently, the Trustees have been keen to see more grant applications which have innovative ideas designed to make a difference for disadvantaged or excluded young people. These can be from new or embryonic organisations, or new schemes from established bodies. Grant aid has been given to support work with disabled young people, projects working in severely deprived areas and with disaffected groups in the community. Young carers, family projects and work with under-represented groups with special needs are examples of some of the activity which is supported.

While repeat applications are from time to time supported, increasingly the Trustees seek mainly to make one-off grants which can demonstrate a specific investment in an activity which can show a positive outcome for young people.  Successful grant applications are expected to provide feedback on the progress of their project or service, and to provide some evidence of the changes that have been achieved for young people.  The Trust does not fund activity other than on the basis of a one-off grant and does not therefore support programme costs over a number of years.